An R rated version of Mrs Doubtfire? Sign me up!

Yes you read that right! When New York Daily News writer Mark Emery wrote a retrospect on the film Mrs Doubfire he shared a fun fact not many knew about the movie.

If you’re like me and are hoping that one of the many streaming services will back up the money truck and fork over millions to get the R rated version released don’t hold your breath. It’s unlikely we’ll ever see the R rated version which is probably for the best if I’m being completely honest. Because right now we’re just picturing Robin Williams throwing heater after heater with these filthy improv’d lines and when that’s not the case everyone will have a serious cases of blue balls when the movies over. I think the best case scenario is they do a rerelease in theaters and sprinkle in the best of those filthy lines into the outtakes portion of the credits, this way we don’t see any of the dud lines and we leave Robin Williams legacy intact as one of the funniest people ever.

Having said that, I did want to take a few of the famous quotes from the movie and make them a little bit more risqué to give you an idea of what the R rated version of Mrs Doubtfire would be.

Original: “Back off asshole!”

R rated: “Fuck off asshole!”

Original: “Well, I hope you’re for a competition. She’s got a power drill in the bedroom dear!”

R rated: “Your dick better be firing on all cylinders otherwise she’ll pull out Big Bertha as you sit there and cry, using your tears as lube to jerk off.”

Original: “Once the father of your children is out of the picture, the only solution is total and lifelong celibacy.”

R rated: “It’s me your ex husband Daniel dressed up like a old housemaid. If you even think about fucking this Stu guy I’m going to release the tape we made on our honeymoon in Cabo Wabo.”

Original: “Sometimes they get back together and sometimes they don’t dear.”

R rated: “Kids your mom’s a bitch, now gather around the TV so I can show you this movie your mother and I made in Cabo!”

Image via New York Daily News (LINK)

Header image (without the custom quote added) via Yahoo! (LINK)

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