Former Eagle Says On Chris Long’s Podcast, ‘Foles Is Better Than Wentz’

Chris Long, former DL for the Eagles and all around great guy, hosts a podcast called Green Light. On the latest episode of the pod he brought Michael Bennett on to talk about race and the issues going on with the world. I can get down with that. Don’t care for Michael Bennett as a person much but I like the idea of providing your platform to help get African American voices be heard. But on the pod, it seems like out of no where, Michael Bennett decides to start up the Foles vs Wentz debate. Here’s the transcript.


WIP:Long: I look at the Carson Wentz situation, someone I always knew had it in him. If you play with Carson, he is a good guy, but you don’t know if he has that intestinal fortitude to be that first one to step over the line–

Bennett: Nick Foles is better.

Long: He said Nick Foles is better.

McCourty: Yes (laughter)

Bennett: Keep going, keep going.

Long: As a sidebar, it seems to matter what time you are on too because it didn’t go well in Jacksonville.

Bennett: Yeah yeah, I’m just saying.


Long: You are the worst. We are trying to have a serious conversation and you wanna divide Philly in-half. I love both those m*****f******s, let me both-sides that. There is no both-sidezing on police brutality to me but on the Nick Foles/Carson Wentz debate, I’m gonna straddle the line like a f****** champ.”

Can we not? Foles isn’t better than Wentz, why is that still a thing? The debate is over, it never really should have begun to be completely honest. Foles played amazing in the Super Bowl run and that can’t be over looked but the only reason they were in a position to host those playoff games was due to Wentz’ play all season.

Wentz went 11-2 with 33 TDs only 7 Ints and 3296 yards (253.6 YPG). Not to mention a passer rating of 101.9 and a QBR of 77.2. How about Foles?

In his 3 games that regular season we went 2-1 (winning record, fine) 5 TDs to 2 picks but he threw for……537 yards. That is less than 80 yards a game. Also His passer rating, 79.5 and his QBR was 34.7.

We all love what he did during the playoffs, can’t be over looked. But if you seriously think Foles is a better QB overall than Wentz you need to have your head examined. It’s not even a knock on Foles, it’s just pointing out the fact that Wentz has the potential to be one of the top 5 QBs in the league. And every time Foles has been asked to be the starter at the beginning and not the back up to come in, he’s shit the bed.

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