Carson Wentz Named Most Valuable Eagles Franchise Player Of The Last Decade

Scrolling down my Twitter this weekend I came across a tweet from Pro Football Focus showing their top 5 most valuable franchise Eagles players of the last decade.

According to PFF, Carson Wentz is the most valuable Eagles player of the decade. Now I do agree, but this is very bias to the quarterback position. Football is always going to state the QB as the most important player of a team. The list also includes Super Bowl winning QB Nick Foles, Michael Vick, Malcolm Jenkins, and Zack Ertz. The only player on this list I disagree with is Michael Vick. I would easily replace him with Jason Kelce. 5th round pick turned best center in the NFL. I mean also who can forget the best speech in SB parade HISTORY!!! Can I get a HELL YEAAAAA.

Back to Carson Wentz though. Easily the most talented QB in Franchise history. You look at his numbers in 2017 and he should’ve won the MVP regardless of missing games. He also carried that team to the position it needed to be to secured the #1 seed. Without Carson Wentz we don’t even sniff the playoffs in my opinion. Also becoming the teams first 4,000 passer throwing to Shop Rite clerks just speaks for itself. In my honest opinion he’s easily a top 5-6 QB in the NFL right now as well. Which 100% solidifies his stop as the most valuable Eagle of the last decade.

Oh last but not least, no bias or anything but Wentz is my birthday twin. Same date and same year, my mother gave up the wrong child at birth. She is most certainly kicking her self in the ass that she gave away the millionaire son and not the Union drywall finisher. Jokes on her.

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