I’d like to apologize to Philly Superfan Dunphy

A lot of the bloggers here at Branded Sports have a strong connection to the city of Brotherly Love but since I’m an Ohioan a lot of the Philly stuff is like pig Latin to me. If I came to Philly I’m sure my fellow Branders can tell me where the best wing spot is, they can tell me the best place to get cheap beer on a Tuesday night, they can find me the best place to get Philly cheesesteaks and….well you get the idea. Also much like every other big sports city, Philadelphia has its fair share of superfans.

So as I’m browsing through Reddit this morning (a daily task to help wake my brain up) I come across this post which instantly woke my brain and grabbed my attention for obvious reasons.


Now I want my stance to be clear, I’m pro-Dunphy unlike this dork that posted this to Reddit. Before I was able to put a name to his face tattoos I posted a tweet asking “which one of the Branders is this?” because I assumed anyone this connected to Philly has to be a consumer of the greatest sports blog/podcasts/video content to come out of Philadelphia.


Thankfully fellow blogger awesome guy AJ responded promptly with this tweet to clue me in on who Dunphy was and tag his twitter account in his response.

After scrolling through some tweets of his I can honestly say I love the cut of this guy’s jib. The tattoos, the fandom, and the following he has (he triples the amount of followers I have) these are all reasons that Mr Dunphy has earned my respect. Anyone that has committed their mind body and soul to their sports teams has a massive amount of balls. And…

So the entire point of me writing this blog was to write an apology to Dunphy for not recognizing who he was, a mistake that I am sure will not happen again because his tattoos are about as distinctive as Harry Potter’s sick henna tattoo on his forehead.

Real recognizes real and I should’ve done my homework on all Philly sports superfans before signing up to work at this site. Hand up, my bad Dunphy. If there are any other Philly Superfans I should know about please DM me on Twitter (@AgentChavyScarn)

P.S. I’m bad at this whole betting thing but Dunphy if you’re willing to put a friendly wager on the Bengals Eagles game you know where to find me.

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Header image via Dunphy’s Twitter (LINK)

Balls GIF via Make a GIF (LINK)

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