Cheers to the freakin weekend! Here’s a video of us chugging milk


It’s Friday and like most of you I am ready to drink beer and play 18 holes….finally get out of bed and make my way to golf course.


A quick little recap about my week, on The NightCap (live Monday-Friday on Branded Sports) I solved long division by hand like the genius I pretend to be, and also I was invited to a Facebook group regarding our 10 year high school reunion next year.

When I received the invite for this reunion the first thing that crossed my mind wasn’t my attempt to dance with 10 girls at my senior year homecoming to compensate for not having a date, instead it was the old video we did for our  English class that sprung to mind. The teacher let us pick out any topic and we had to make a documentary about it so the resident class clowns (which included 3 other students and myself) decided we’d make a video of us doing the “Gallon Challenge”. Because what is cooler than getting an easy A- and to pretending to be Jackass LITE?

There’s not a whole lot to breakdown here, I just wanted an excuse to show off what very well could be the best high school documentary to come out of Henry County Ohio.



GIF via Tenor (LINK)

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