Kevin Durant Buys Minority Stake In Philadelphia Union

Well well well…. this might come off as a bit odd but here we are. Kevin Durant has purchased a stake between 1% and 5% with the Philadelphia Union. It is unknown if this is a personal investment or one made through his business called Thirty Five Ventures that he co-owns. It was rumored that Thirty Five Ventures and the Union had a meeting back in December after Durant was pictured with team ownership. This isn’t the first time Durant has tried to buy a minority stake in a team. Two times in the past he has tried with DC United.

Though this sort of seems strange, other celebrities and athletes have invested themselves into MLS teams. Russell Wilson has a stake with the Seattle Sounders, Will Ferrell with the LAFC, Matthew McConaughey with the Austin FC, and James Harden with the Houston Dynamo, who owns a 3.5% stake worth $15 million Dollars.

I’m not the biggest Philadelphia Union fan, but I’ll watch it here and there. Super random I know, but I love the partnership. It’s huge publicity for the Union, and I’m here for it! It took one look at that Union logo for him to be sold, if ya catch my drift.

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Featured Image: Yahoo Sports

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