How Is Ben Simmons Not In The Top 5 For DPOY?

I think anyone with some sense can realize Giannis should win DPOY and MVP so I have no issue with him being ranked first. The French asshole is always in the conversation so sure and AD I think has been great this year and deserves more MVP talk then Lebron but DPOY is a nice consolation. Pat Bev and Bam are a little strange to see on this list. The reason you’re all here is to figure out why Simmons isn’t top 5, why is the league out to get Philly?

Ben Simmons leads the league in total steals (115) and steals per game (2.1) so how is he not even considered?!

The advanced numbers is what seems to do him in. He’s tied for 46th in defensive rating but the only person in the top 5 with a better rating is Giannis. (Simmons is at 105 while Bam and Pat Bev are tied with 106). He is 13th in defensive win shares, the only person he’s ahead of listed in the top 5 is Pat Bev. He is 8th for defensive box plus/minus, he’s ahead of Gobert and Bam in that stat.

Ben is an elite defender. I think he passes the eye test in that regard and the stats back that up. The question is why isn’t he getting votes for DPOY? I think he should be ahead of Pat Bev, without question.

That Westbrook quote sums up Pat Bev pretty well.

With that being said I still don’t think Simmons is top 5. In almost every stat I listed there is one player who is ahead of Simmons other than Giannis. This player is second in total steals and steals per game (Ben is first in both of those). He is top 10 in blocks and blocks per game, Simmons isn’t top 20 in either of those. This player leads the league in rebounds per game and is second in total rebounds, again Ben isn’t top 20 in either of those.

The player I’m referring to is Andre Drummond.

My personal Defensive Player Of The Year list is:

  1. Giannis
  2. Anthony Davis
  3. Andre Drummond
  4. Rudy Gobert
  5. Bam

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