Seth Rogen Has The Best Response To Idiots In His Comments


If Seth Rogen was an American citizen I’d truly consider voting for him for President in 2020. The general consensus has been if someone has a problem with any anti-racist posts you can feel free to hammer that unfollow button and no one will miss you.

Seth Rogen is taking a more inspirational route we can all learn from.


There’s nothing more powerful to white people than taking away Seth Rogen movies. Seriously if someone told me I could not watch This Is The End ever again I’d be upset. Actually after thinking about the plot, Seth Rogen might be one of the most prepared people for surviving this.

You have to be a real asshole to get Seth Rogen to throw out a fuck you. It has to force you into re-evaluating your beliefs. If nothing else, disappointing Seth Rogen will put people into action.

Oh and if you have a problem with this blog? Fuck you.


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