Malcolm Jenkins Takes To IG To Tell Drew Brees To ‘Shut The F*ck Up’

Good for Malcolm Jenkins. Drew Brees is an idiot. And let’s be clear about something here. No one is saying disrespect the flag and no one is taking away how passionate he is about America. Honoring your grandparents and uncle whenever you hear the national anthem is amazing and heart warming. But Drew is missing the point by a mile. The kneeling had/has nothing to do with the flag. And the fact that now is the time he wants to double down is astonishing. It’s quiet literally the most egregious ‘read the room’ moment I’ve ever seen.

A part of me tips my cap to him for at least sticking by what he believes. But how has he not learned yet that kneeling wasn’t the point? Feels like he is almost trying not to listen at this point.

With all of his teammates coming out against what he is saying you have to wonder if he’ll just call it quits. I believe he was leaning towards making 2020 his swan song, but he might have played his final game already. Don’t think you walk back into that locker room as a quarterback. A position that demands respect from all the other players and get it after this. Saints offense is going to look like Longest Yard.


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[…] Drew Brees made his poor tone def statement Jenkins took no time to lash out at him, telling him to‘shut the fuck up.’ It was straight forward and to the point. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to come out […]