Philadelphia Residents Loot A Furniture Store And Take Everything Except A Cowboys Recliner


Let’s get this out of the way. Looting is wrong. Stop robbing and looting. Protesting is good. Keep doing that.

I realize this is a serious subject and we aren’t supposed to make jokes right now but this video made me actually laugh out loud. I needed to share.

I love Philly. I love Eagles fans and this is video is perfect. Even in the middle of looting and stealing every thing in sight they won’t touch anything Cowboys related. You know someone picked it up and somebody else yelled “HEY!! PUT THAT DOWN!!…….YOU DON’T WANT THAT SHIT.” And that dude dropped that thing fast. Probably yelled fuck the Cowgirls as he did it too. Can’t even give Dallas garbage away. Never change Philly. Never change.


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