Happy One Year


Really can’t believe it has already been one year. A year ago today I was the new dickhead Boston fan, now I’m still a dickhead but have somehow weaseled my way into being one of the core people at Branded. This site is the longest “job” I’ve ever had, which probably says more about me then I would like to admit but it’s true. I never really knew what to expect when Joe slid into my DMs back in May 2019 but I was excited. I’ve had the chance to do some amazing things with some amazing people. From going to Atlanta for the Peach Bowl, getting to go to PAX  East in Boston with a media pass (I fucked the audio up so that’s why no content came from that, sorry Joe) even just being able to make my own shirt that barely sold because Josh Gordon was almost immediately suspended and then cut after we dropped this bad boy.

So hot the NFL nearly kicked him out of the league, shout out to the DSGN Tree guys for that gem.

One year ago I wouldn’t have been able to run a golf tournament from my bedroom for a couple thousand people. I wouldn’t be in charge of starting and building a podcast network, make sure you guys go and download Avoiding ReALIty while I’m thinking of it. New episode out tomorrow. I owe Branded a big thanks for that and just a small thanks to Joe, I guess.

As a New England guy I’ve had my ups and downs writing for a website with a 90% Philly audience. Shockingly you guys don’t want to hear about why the Celtics are going to face fuck the 76ers in the playoffs. I get it. The back and forth has been fun and I fully expect it to continue until I get a fat paycheck and I can leave you all behind.

Before I go I do just want to just say thank you. First I want to say thank you to me, without myself none of this would be possible. Seriously though this last year has been a wild ride and I can’t wait to continue to grow with the site, thank you guys for reading any blogs even if you stay away from mine because I’ve called you a scumbag one to many times. Expect a lot from me and from Branded, hopefully we don’t disappoint.

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