Walsh’s Wing Review: Episode 2

We are back for episode 2 of your favorite wing review on the internet! Thats right ladies and gents Walsh’s Wing Review Episode 2 is here! We got plenty of great feedback from the first one and I’ve took some things into consideration.

First, we’re changing up the grading scale as 1-24 and combining the flat and drums scores is just ridiculous and I got a lot of complaints. We’re gonna go with the classic 1-10 grading system from here on out. But don’t worry, were still doing #OneDrumOneFlat to come up with the final score for the review.

Second, Its been suggested to bring in some more flavors instead of just doing hot wings. I hear you all and don’t worry we will get there I promise you, were just still in the early stages of this thing.

Shoutout to my boy Jazzy for being a great camera guy looks like I’ve got my version of Frankie now. Also, try to ignore the squeaking dog toys in the background.

So, lets not waste anymore time…Walsh’s Wing Review episode 2!!!!


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