Really Sad News: Josina Anderson Let Go By ESPN

The New York Post is reporting the very disappointing news that reporter Josina Anderson and ESPN are parting ways.


Anderson always displayed journalistic integrity and this will be a serious blow to ESPN. Anderson did not return any messages regarding the move, which is pretty shocking since she aired out every message she ever got from a player in the Eagles locker room.


Anderson is most recognized for her critical tweet of Carson Wentz after he was knocked out of the game by an illegal hit from Jadeveon Clowney. It was one of the many occurrences in which Anderson, a self-proclaimed “journalist”, displayed her anti-Wentz agenda to the world.

She also ran into trouble after the Browns vs Steelers melee this past season when she tweeted out insinuating that Mason Rudolph was a racist, stating, “I would bet Myles Garrett will say he heard Mason Rudolph call him something egregious. Never seen Garrett act like that, ever.”


There have been rumors for several months that ESPN could be splitting up from the 41 year-old reporter. But, there has not been word yet on if the split is due to Anderson’s personal biases and vendettas against athletes she is supposed to be covering.


I am just an unbiased bystander who has never in anyway been critical of Josina Anderson, even when she held an unfair bias for the Eagles quarterback and exhibited  a severe display of unprofessionalism in doing so.


Hopefully she lands on her feet at a reputable company that can put her few strengths as a reporter to use. Somewhere like TMZ. Or maybe Deadspin. One of those places with a ton of credibility, much like Josina Anderson.


No word yet from Alshon Jeffery on how he is handling the unfortunate news.

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