Mugshot Monday: Stephanie Pratt “Shoot The Looters”


With everything happening in our country right now I was not going to do a Mugshot Monday today, but then I found a story that I had no choice but feature.

I will also say that this post is in NO WAY political.  In NO WAY chooses sides.  Here at Branded Sports one of our top rules is that we do not get involved in politics.

So, I have to admit I have no idea who Stephanie Pratt was.  Apparently she is from The Hills?  My wife knew who she was, of course.  Well the 34 year old posted a video on Twitter during the protests saying “shoot the looters.”

It turns out that Ms. Pratt was arrested in 2006…

…For shoplifting.  $1300 worth of stuff in Hawaii.

Oh how ironic.


I mean talk about looking like you had a bad day…


I don’t know, but maybe next time… Just shut up.


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