MLBPA Sends Counter Offer To MLB

AJ Torres

So late Sunday afternoon the MLB Players Union sent their first counter offer to the MLB. The proposal doesn’t reduce prorated salaries but it does offer a couple of other options.

The players union has asked the MLB for a 114 game season instead of 82, in which the season would start June 30 and would come to a complete end on October 31. With the 114 game season they added that they could work on a way to have flexibility for doubleheaders.

Another demand the players union asked for was that “high risk” players could opt out of playing in the 2020 season. They also are pleading for those “high risk” players to be able to still be paid, and seek MLB health services. Players who are not at “high risk” and choose to opt out will not be paid or seek any MLB services.

Entering spring training the players would like a $100 million advance for expenses. It also presented an expanded playoff, which would include a 14 team playoff instead of 10 over the next 2 years.

The one key note in this proposal is the players willingness to allow to league to defer $100 million in deferred salaries if there isn’t a 2020 postseason due to the pandemic. This would be mandatory for anyone who makes $10 million or more a season. This would have to be paid back by the MLB, with interest by no later than November 2022.

Last but not least the players also would agree to audio/video commitments, such as mic’ing players during the game and programming away from the ballpark. It also opens the door for events during the postseason or off season like the Home Run Derby, All Star Game and other special events.

Overall, I believe the MLB should 10000% take this deal from the MLBPA. It makes your sport the first to begin actual games before any of the four major sports leagues in the country. This’ll bring so much attention to baseball that it’ll do the league the much needed good its counting on right about now. Also anything to bring my Phillies back faster is a no brainer to me.


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