Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Out Terrifying Vandals Is My New Favorite Thing


Forget the national guard, police task force or anything like that. You want to stop the punks that are trying to take advantage of a sad situation by looting and vandalizing, you send out the greatest pound for pound MMA fighter. That little white kid almost pissed himself. I don’t think he even knew who it was, I think he just saw a bad mother fucker coming his way and that was enough. Because had he known that the man staring him in the eye could rip him limb from limb without breaking a sweat, I don’t think he would have told him no the first time. 

It sounds like Jones is calling for more people to step up too. 

Have to say, love the idea of Jones getting a group of UFC fighters together to parole the streets like some wild version of the Avengers. Just going around town choking out and body slamming ANTIFA losers. Which brings me to a great question. How many of these idiots would it take to jump Jon Jones? Imagine you have an unlimited number of these sun deprived skinny white kids. How many would it take to be a far fight? 20? 30? I can’t imagine any of these ANTIFA-ers can take a punch from a regular adult. You get caught with a Bones Jones haymaker and your head his coming clean off your shoulders. 

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