Is Mike Missanelli Out At 97.5?

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In cause you missed it, heres a quick cap of the events that took place in the Mike Missanelli headphone saga of 2020.

Mike and his producers get into a little tif, he goes full Goodfellas and tosses his headset across the studio.

After they come back from break he fires off some clear as day F bombs Tyrone’s way.

The next day he made an appearance on Fox Good Day but was not on his show come 2 o’clock. Kyle Scott over at Crossing Broad reached out to Mike and blogged the following:

CrossingBroad: “In a text exchange, he told me he was using a vacation day today and for the remainder of the week, explaining that he would be unable to use them once sports returned.

“I have five weeks of (vacation). With sports starting soon, I’ll never be able to take it then.”

Following maestro’s Tweet on the matter, I heard from a well-placed 97.5 source, who states, flatly, that Missanelli was suspended, without pay, for the remainder of the week, as Kevin first reported earlier. The source also says – though there is a subjective nature to what follows – that station employees are fed up and seek to have Mike fired.”

So what does him not showing up today mean? Well, my opinion is it’s significant. Mike hasn’t been active on Twitter since the outburst. If there was a time to bring Mike back and not focus on the fight, it would be right now. The nation is gripped by the riots and for the most part people have forgotten about the incident. There is no way Mike wants to come back on air and talk about what happened. They are going to dump anyone that calls in and tries to mention it. If he wanted to get back on the air and ignore those conversations, today would be the day. Anyone even tried to mention what happened he could get on the high horse of ‘dude, there are more important things going on in the world.’

That leads me to believe we may have seen the end of Missanelli at 97.5. Yes his contract still has some months left on it but if the reports are true that employees there don’t like him and want him out, maybe they are pulling the plug early. Or maybe if he was suspended, which he adamantly denies, it was a two week suspension. It’s just my opinion but I don’t see how this was a vacation. Not buying you take a vacation after returning from MDW for a day. And if you do, you’re back at it the Monday after.

I’m just guessing here and haven’t talked to Kyle at Crossing Broad but I wouldn’t be surprised if we get an ‘incoming’ tweet soon.

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