Did Tyron Woodley force this man to do long division on a LIVE stream?


First off I’d like to congratulate Keith for being on the right side of history with his Gilbert Burns pick from last nights UFC Fight Night. For anyone unaware of what I am talking about read this prequel blog to get caught up on where we are currently standing, go ahead I’ll wait.

Okay so now that you’re all caught up let’s talk about where it all went wrong for me. Picking Woodley in retrospect was a horrible idea. He looked like a guy that was just happy to make $250K for getting punched a few times and doing just enough to survive (which I can’t be mad at I’d do the same). Also agreeing to do long division on a live stream was also a mistake, because I haven’t done a math problem without a calculator in over 8 years.

So while mistakes were made and I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew I regret nothing. I’m the type of guy that can spin any negative into a positive so I’ll use this live stream on Tuesday as an opportunity to bring smiles and laughter to everyone during these troubling times.

Check out the live stream Tuesday night on Branded Sports Twitter page (LINK) and watch me struggle to do long division by hand and blame it all on the concussions I got from high school soccer.

P.S. I’d like for everyone to recognize how gracious I am in defeat. I pride myself on winning and losing with class and I think the post bet conference I put out last night really shows that is something I pride myself on.

GIF via Pinterest (LINK)

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