Will Tyron Woodley force this man to do long division on a LIVE stream?

I’m slowly integrating myself into the culture here at Branded Sports since I started blogging here 11 days ago. Part of that integration process has included talking a little trash about Philly sports and placing some bets with my fellow bloggers, which brings me to Keith aka Kwals.

As I’m scrolling through Twitter before bed (a tradition like no other) I stumbled upon this tweet from Keith.

Being the (ironically) alpha I am I saw my chance to pull a fast one on a fellow blogger.

Ignoring the grammatical error (I was really tired) I think we can all agree Woodley by decision is a STONE COLD LOCK. Vegas agrees with me as they have Woodley as the odds on favorite to win, every MMA site has Woodley winning, there’s really no way I’d lose whatever wager I was placing with Keith.

What’s the wager you’re wondering? Well per our own Joe Pop these are the terms of the bet.

I can guarantee you two things. Woodley is winning by decision and Keith is going to short circuit while doing long division for the MILLIONS of Branders watching LIVE from all around the world!

If I lose this bet and have to do long division on a live stream I will embarrass myself worse than the time I shit myself at SEARS when I was 12.

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