Simulation Of Roy Halladay’s Final Flight

If the video doesn’t work, here’s the link

That was beyond eerie. Today is a weird day in the memory of Roy Halladay. It’s been 10 years since his perfect game in Miami. A game that no Phillies fan will ever forget.

He was flirting with no hitters all season long. Every time he took the mound that year it felt like he was getting into the 6th inning before the other team was getting a hit. It was a man vs boys type of display he put on in 2010. 9 complete games, 4 shutouts, 21 wins, 219 Ks and less walks given than games played. It was incredible and the perfect game is a celebration of just how good he was.

But now Florida is not only the place of one of his greatest achievements but also of his untimely death. Although he was only a Phillie for a short period it felt like he was a home grown player the way the town adored him. His work ethic, performance and how he treated everyone on and off the field made him legendary. There are few celebrities deaths that can truly hit home with people that have never met them. We recently saw that with Kobe Bryant. Roy was also one of those.

RIP to Doc. He’s probably striking out Babe Ruth as we speak.

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