Is the Week 3 Eagles vs Bengals matchup the most important game of 2020?

I’ve learned two things since I’ve started here at Branded Sports.

1. There are some crazy questions asked on r/sex

2. I’m blogging along side some die hard Philly sports fans.

I’m not talking the type of die hards that are at every home game and will invite you over to their RV in Lot L just outside The Linc to share some brats and potato salad. No I’m talking die hards that’ll do or say anything to get under your skin and are ready to throw down at any given moment. Some might call these types of fans scum (I never will because I respect the passion and the theatrics, plus the only real scumbag fans in my book are Cowboys fans).

Why am I blogging about a random week 3 matchup for an NFL season that may not even happen?

Because I’m a Bengals fan. That’s right, if you read my introduction blog you’d know I bleed Cincy sports. Also my birthday is 4 days prior so the difference between my hangover killing me or my hangover being shipped to the moon all depends on how this game plays out.

Now I’m not one for shit talking before the game is played, however from opening kickoff to the final whistle if the Bengals are winning every Philly fan should expect me to be dancing and pissing all over your grave (because let’s face it if Burrow takes you guys down your season is over before it even starts).

So consider this the first shot in the Philly vs Cincy war. I expect nothing less of quality shit talk from you dirtbags!

Header image via Bleeding Green Nation (LINK)

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