MLB Players Want More Games, Full Prorated Salaries

AJ Torres

The Major League Baseball Players Association expects to counter MLB’s economic proposal by the end of this week. This plan is supposedly going to include more than 100 games and a guarantee of full prorated salaries for the 2020 season, sources told ESPN.

The disagreement over the economic proposal has players absolutely outraged. Washington Nationals Max Scherzer one of the 8 members of the MLBPA power’s executive subcommittee was one of them. He went to social media to express his displeasure late last night.

Like WTF!!! I don’t blame these players whatsoever for being pissed off. They already had to take a pay cut, now the GREEDY owners of the MLB want them to take another and split revenue. There is just absolutely no shot as an MLB player would I put my family and my health on the line for a salary cut. For the owners to even ask of them to take as big of a cut they are is asinine.

MLB top beat writers are still confident there will be baseball in July, but the way I see it both sides are no where close to agreeing to any proposal. This may drag out further than anyone figured it would due to the money hungry owners.

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