Josh Innes Takes Victory Lap As 97.5 Feud Rolls On

It’s been a very awkward week over at the Fanatic. On Tuesday, Mike Missanelli and Co. were discussing Queen Karen trying to ruin an innocent bird watchers life. Mikey Miss was trying to discuss the legality of the situation and as they cut to commercial break, he chucked his headphones farther than Josh Allen can throw a football in shorts.
Fast forward to Wednesday, and poof, Mike’s not on the air. Dave from Center City tried to call in and talk about the incident and Tyrone immediately bounced him. Later in the day, our fellas over at CrossingBroad dropped a Radio Wars bomb that Missanelli and 97.5 could be looking to part ways with this last incident being the final straw.
Josh Innes soaked each and every second of the drama up.

If you remember, Missanelli and Innes almost went full fist-a-cuffs at Eagles training camp back in the Chip Kelly days.
Innes hates Anthony Gargano AND Missanelli, and has allegedly had physical run-ins with both of the mainstays at 97.5.
He got fired from WIP in Philly and then later in Houston. But, according to a BillyPenn article from March 2019, iHeart Media was paying him to be off the air for 7 months. Well, here we are 1 year and 2 months later, so maybe an ensuing revenge tour in the works.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we listen to podcasts.
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