Eagles Offered Contract to Devonta Freeman, Who is Weighing Other Offers

The Eagles have been linked to a variety of free agent running backs for months now but after Carlos Hyde signed with the Seahawks, the hunt has seemingly intesnified.

Jeff McLane is reporting that the Eagles had offered a contract to Hyde before he eventually signed elsewhere and that they have a contract offer to Devonta Freeman outstanding:

A few things with Freeman:

He is reportedly looking to come into a starting role with whatever team he sings with. This is just bad guidance by his agent as he isn’t going to be getting a starting role or a contract in the valuation he thinks he deserves. Chris Carson was the Seahawks top back, the Eagles have a blooming star in Miles Sanders and it would be running back by committee in Tampa Bay.

If Freeman were to buy into an RB2 role, I think it would totally revive a career that recently has been riddled with injuries. As high as the Eagles are on their young backs like Adrian Killins or Mike Warren, it would be nice to have a veteran back with experience in the case Miles Sanders were to miss some time. On top of that, Freeman is a great pass catcher out of the backfield, which would obliviously be a match made in heaven for an offense that heavily relies on the screen game.

It sounds like Lesean McCoy is a back-up plan for a back-up role at this point. As cool as a reunion would be, I am curious to see if the team would bring him in, or just gamble on the trio of up and coming running backs (Holyfield, Killins, Warren) vying for a spot.

SOunds like Freeman hasa overestimated his value in the market, which may allow the Eagles to swoop in (no pun intended) and snag him as an RB2 in a buyers market.

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