Why the NBA’s Playoff Format Idea Could Be a Disaster For the Sixers

When I said “I want NBA basketball back at any cost” I should’ve included a disclaimer that said “I want NBA basketball back at any cost (as long as it doesn’t disservice the Sixers in any shape or form).

The NBA continues to get closer to hammering out a full-proof plan to get the season back on track, with a likely destination season in Orlando. Rumors are swirling that the target date for return is July 22nd. More states are opening, with players being allowed to return to training facilities and get back in shape.

So, as we get closer to a return of basketball, the question remains to be seen, how will it look once it’s back?

At this point it seems counterintuitive to finish the regular season in its entirety. Dame Lillard came out today and said if there was a regular season he would “be sitting right there on that bench”.  So, a shortened regular season tune-up or straight to playoffs scenario seems likely. If it is the latter, Bobby Marks and Brian Windhorst have been hearing rumors and discussing a 16 team, seeded format:


So, take this seeding in the tweet and start formulating it like a March Madness bracket in your brain. Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Has the sinking realization officially sunk in? Are you high right now, do you ever get nervous?


Yes, if the NBA goes the full 16 team route and eradicates the Conferences, the SIxers would be facing a murderer’s row that would go: Boston, LA Clippers, and Milwaukee. That’s just to get to the finals. Just glancing over the 16 seed tourney, they have the hardest road of any team and I’m not sure it’s even CLOSE.


I have a feeling that when the Sixers lacked focus every time they went to Orlando or Atlanta because their roster was “built for the playoffs” they didn’t have THIS type of playoffs in mind.


But, to the Sixers credit, they have beaten every single team on that path even if you include the prohibitive favorite on the other side, the LA Lakers. In true Sixers fashion, they could either get bounced in the first round, or run the table.

And neither would surprise us.

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