Tra Thomas Has A New Web Series And It’s Double Very Good



Quick question. How and why did 97.5 let this man go? Try Thomas is a content machine. From pushing trucks/starting trends and now he is launching his own YouTube series that is fire. Most people don’t watch a ton of tape like this, especially o-lineman tape. Fans are typically interested in the skills players only. Which by the way. Calling o-linemen not skilled is wildly insulting. But I digress.

Tra breaking down Dillard may save his image in this city. People are starting to turn on him but after watching this I actually feel a lot better about the kid. Maybe though that’s just a tip of the cap again to Thomas for making this guy seem better than he is. Either way, this is interesting and engaging content. I have a feeling Tra will end up getting picked up by ESPN down the road. He knows his shit and the way he delivers it in this YouTube series is top notch. Now Tra, COME ON NIGHTCAP ALREADY!!! Jesus

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