Kendall Jenner Is For Sure Throwing Her Coochie On Devin Booker


What feels like six months ago, Kendall Jenner reminded us that if you have an opinion on what she does with her coochie, she certainly is not going to stop.

Currently that cooch is in the hands of one of the NBA’s best handlers, Devin Booker. Almost a month after Kendall and D Book were spotted in one car in Arizona, over Memorial Day Weekend Kendall and D Book were spotted in yet another car in LA.

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 12.24.19 AM

Smartest thing Kendall could do here in a quarantine with no NBA. Made a trade during a national pandemic after the deadline, Kris Jenner works wonders. Can’t use the I’m going to practice excuse when there’s no practice. Devin Booker has nothing better to do other than hang out with you and spend a lot of money.



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