ESPN’s New 2020 FPI Has the Eagles Ranked High But the Cowboys…


Yesterday, ESPN released their FPI Rankings for the upcoming NFL season, which I am convinced is just something they made up in order to have something to discuss without sports. There is no data you can show me that will disprove my theory that the “Football Power Index” is just an index card handed to Mike Greenberg at 8am with a list of teams in order to cause a stir on air.


But I digress. And here is how the top of the “FPI” rankings panned out:


So, you’re telling me there’s a chance…

Yes, the Eagles have a 4% chance of winning it all (AGAIN) according to these rankings. Albeit it is a small percentage but I look at it this way: there have been plenty of times I’ve had a 4% chance of going home with a girl. Ask me if I went home with them. No, every single time. But the possibility still existed!


So, the Eagles are one sliver of a percentage point below the Cowboys who rounded out the top 5. It is hard to be irrationally upset with that order seeing as the Cowboys had a great draft and the division seemingly feels 50/50 going into the season every year since Dak and Carson entered the league.


Keep in mind, the NFL is increasing from 6 teams to 7 in the playoffs with the addition of one wild card team and the doing away with one first round bye. It gives more teams an opportunity, but shrinks the chances of all contenders involved, because the road to Super Bowl 55 could be a lot tougher than years past.


Something to be concerned with if you are an Eagles fan? The Eagles face-off with four of the top five teams in this made up ranking system.

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