Dave From Center City Tried Brining Up The Mike Missanelli Incident From Yesterday And It Didn’t Go Well


So yesterday on the Mike Miss show they started talking about that Karen from the news that was saying a black man was attacking her and her dog and called the cops. The Karen went on to lose her job from it and good for her company. That lady was being a racist and also abusing her dog by dragging it. Anyway, they start talking about it and this is how that all went down. 

2 o’clock roles around today and whoops. No Mikey Miss. Looks like he took the day off which was honestly probably the best move for him. Let the people forget, (people don’t forget) and return tomorrow. If he was in the studio today it would have been call after call poking him. Most likely would have ended with another set of broken head phones. 

But when the show went live today no one said anything about it. Just acted like nothing happened. That was until Dave from Center City called in. 

Lolololol. See ya Davey. Don’t bring that weak shit up in here. Speaking of shit, apparently this guy was banned from 97.5 for talking about pooping on a girl?!? Weird. I am thinking if more people see this video they are going to start calling in trying to bring up Mike. Which for entertainment value, I would love to see/hear. Going to be a long 2.5 hours left for the crew. Don’t be shocked if they stop taking calls.

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