Skip Bayless Gets Jalen Reagors’ Attention With One Of His Clown Rants

AJ Torres

Skip Bayless has a history of hot takes and clown statements. This weekend Skip went on a rant about Jalen Reagor. Reagor then noticed it and went to twitter to respond.

The king of trolls himself Skip Bayless is baffled that the Eagles took Jalen Reagor with the 21st overall pick. His comments blew up throughout Eagles twitter. Word even got back to Jalens mother who was not a fan of Skip’s comments.

So let’s just say I love Jalen Reagors mother for this response! Though Bayless has a point about Reagor not being a popular pick at 21, he checks off every box the Eagles wanted. Bayless does not think Reagor will pan out, and I am 10000% certain Jalen Reagor will make Skip eat his words. He will now most likely blow up and go off for 1000+ yards and 10+ touchdowns due to Skip continuing his trolling ways.

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