Did this man just steal all of our girlfriend’s with this TikTok?

Wow! I can’t believe in 14 seconds this guy managed put every boyfriend, fiancé, and husband on IR while stealing every woman on the planet!

I sent this TikTok to my girlfriend expecting her to get a hearty chuckle out of it like I did, but when she hadn’t responded to my text for a few hours I sent a follow up text which turned green (we both have iPhones so this isn’t normal). I also checked social media and found out we were no longer FB official, and every photo of me was wiped from existence on her IG.

Also did you see the way he rode that motorized scooter off into the sunset? Very Jax Teller-esque in his form. We should’ve seen this smash and grab coming a mile away given Jax Teller is very popular in the “lady boners” community.

If I could pull back the mask for a sec and just commend King Karps on doing something funny without being a total asshole on TikTok. Also any one that has self awareness on social media and leans into it is a winner in my book, so having said that King Karps you win my “TikTok of the week award” plz DM me on Twitter for your prize.

Header image via Twitter @90DayFckery (LINK)

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