Charles Barkley Spills Tea On NBA Return


Charles Barkley appeared on The Paul Finebaum show and spilled the tea on whether the NBA will return. Per Barkley:

“I do know this, talking to my bosses at Turner: We’re going to play basketball,” Barkley said. “It’s gonna be in Florida and (Las) Vegas, or just Florida.”

He also mentions that MLB & NHL will be back as well, with the NFL and College Football in wait and see mode.

“(The NBA is) gonna make a decision in the next week,” Barkley said on ESPN’s “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Monday. “I’m 100% sure we’re going to play. I know my friends in Major League Baseball are going to play. I know that the hockey league is going to play. I think the pro football and the college football, they have to sit back and see how it goes for us.”

This is obviously unbelievably great news for sports fans but in partucilar for gamblers. We are about to enter the greatest 12 month span in sports history. Gamblers will speak about this stretch to the younger generation, almost as if COVID-19 was worth it. Regardless of how much money you lost during this stretch, we will speak as if we won every bet – the board has neber looked so beautful. This is literally a gamblers dream and a gambler’s family nightmare. This 12 month stretch will be tougher on marriages than COVID ever was. I CANNOT WAIT – LFG

Shout out Chuck for making this Tuesday after Memorial Day a little brighter. Now we sit and wait for the logistics and official schedule, but American sports are back & I cannot effin wait.

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