BREAKING: The NHL is Back…Almost


Big news coming out of the NHL last night…We have been hearing reports about a 24 team playoff for a couple of days now and it’s gained a lot of traction. After first being reported by @NHLRumorsDaily(NRD)the NHL Players are voting to approve the playoff format. Now, we may not have an answer today but we should expect one in the next couple of days. They tweeted this out yesterday and boom 10 hours later…

IMG_4110 2

Image- NHLRumorsDaily Twitter

I gotta say, I don’t know who runs the account but they have had all the information about what is going on with the potential return to play for the NHL before anyone else. What’s even crazier is they rarely get credited with anything so thats why I’m shouting them out here. They even had what the bracket would look like before anyone else.

Nonetheless, its great news as we are one step closer to getting the NHL back and I couldn’t be more excited. The 24 team playoff will be an interesting format and will create some great matchups. Hopefully, we will get an official answer on everything sooner rather than later.


Featured image- NHLRumorsDaily Twitter

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