Which Veteran Running Back Makes The Most Sense For The Eagles?

AJ Torres

Okay, so over the past week the hot topic for the Eagles has been the interest in veteran running backs Devonta Freeman, Carlos Hyde, and the ex Eagle Lesean “Shady” McCoy. These three guys have one thing in common…. They’re all out of their prime. The Eagles wont be signing any of the three to start obviously because of the breakthrough season of young stud running back Miles Sanders. That being said they all can come in and help in a back up role with significant meaning due to Douggie P’s running back by committee philosophy. Lets go over each running back and how they can help and how they may not help.

Devonta Freeman: Freeman who is now 28 years of age took a massive hit in rushing yards in 2019 with only tallying up 656 rushing yards with a measly 2 rushing touchdowns. You have to wonder if Freeman’s best days are behind him. He for sure didn’t give any reassurance that he can provide the juice as he did several years ago. In his career, Freeman gained a total of 3,972 rushing yards, 2,015 receiving yards and 43 total touchdowns in six seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. One thing to note with this guy is that Duce Staley himself advocated the Eagles to add Freeman to the team. Could come into factor down the road, though it has been reported that the Seattle Seahawks have offered him a 1 year 4 million dollar deal already.


Carlos Hyde: Hyde unlike Freeman had a very good year with the Houston Texans. For the first time in his career he racked up his first 1,000 yard season. Totaling 1,040 rushing yards and 6 touchdowns Hyde proved he still has a lot left in his tank. Being 29 years of age having your best season is very encouraging. Like Jordan Howard last year Hyde is a head down running back who can fight for them dirty yards. In this offense, that attribute is much needed especially if Miles needs a breather here and there. My one concern about Hyde is the number of teams he has been apart of. There has to be a reason that is unknown to keep a back of his stature around for a while. Im nit picking here but its a legit concern. Other than that I think Hyde would work well under Douggie P’s system. Oh and this video is just a plus. Love the attitude


Lesean “Shady” McCoy: Shady… Probably the best running back in franchise history. So many memories this man making magic out on the field with his various juke moves he has in his arsenal. Only problem is that was about 6 years ago. Not that shady doesn’t have the tools in the shed anymore but turning 32 come July, he has been struck by the injury bug and has undoubtedly lost a step. I would love for Shady to come home and retire and Eagle, I just don’t see the fit with Miles Sanders being almost an identical back. Though I say that, you go back and watch film on McCoy last year and you see some untapped juice left.


All things considered, every running back brings their own special style to the field. Each of these running backs have had successful careers to this point. If I had control of the Eagles I’m taking Carlos Hyde simply based off of last years performance. Also Hyde just makes the most sense for the team for a fit standpoint. You already have Sanders who is your shifty back who has the ability to do everything. He can make people miss yet has the center of balance to bounce off tackles as well as be a major threat in the passing game. Then on top of the you have Boston Scott who is a bowling bowl. Short, stocky yet very quick. His pass catching ability also helps him find the field in screen game situations. Adding Hyde would is a bully runner with some elusive ability just adds more talent to an already talented RB room.

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