Tom Brady’s ESPN Documentary Is Coming In 2021. Will It Top The Last Dance?


Since The Last Dance ended everyone has been wondering who will be next to get the ESPN documentary treatment.

Obviously it was always going to be the Greatest QB of all time, Tom Fucking Brady.

This trailer alone gave me goosebumps, even if I am still mad about seeing Tom in that disgusting bile orange pinnie. If this is released in 2021 that assumes just like the MJ doc we might not have to include any Tompa Bay information in this doc, thank god.

How RIPE is it that ESPN is the one producing this after continually disrespecting Tom for the past 20 years. Hopefully he negotiated full creative control like MJ did because Patriots fans certainly do not deserve to hear the Deflategate story through the eyes of ESPN (again).

We can only hope and pray ESPN continues the iPad footage in this doc because we absolutely need to see Brady reacting to Bill Belichick. Despite being one of the best competitors in sports history, with the best success story of all time, I’m not sure there’s anyone who would stir up the same vitriol with TB12 like Michael Jordan.

Peyton and Tom are pretty close now and I think even Peyton would acknowledge that Tom is better than him. He took Drew Bledsoe’s job and I can assure you he only has wonderful things to say. Are there any other players or coaches who have a ‘rivalry’ with Tom at this point?

The only thing that would come close is getting Roger Goodell to sit down on this…


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