Over/Under: Eagles Players Edition

AJ Torres

Okay, so I’m here thinking about some stats that players on the Eagles can hit.. I want your opinions and thoughts on if they’ll reach the over or be under…

Carson Wentz: Will Carson be O/U 3800 passing yards. O/U 29 TD passes. O/U 9 Interceptions. O/U 10 fumbles.

Miles Sanders: Will Miles Sanders be O/U 900 rushing yards. O/U 650 receiving yards. O/U 10 total touchdowns.

Desean Jackson: Will Djax have O/U 750 receiving yards. O/U 8 receiving touchdowns. O/U 9 total games played.

Zach Ertz: Will Ertz have O/U 900 receiving yards. O/U 10 touchdowns. O/U 90 receptions. O/U 8 broken tackles (LOL)

Fletcher Cox: Will Cox have have O/U 50 tackles. O/U 7 sacks. O/U 10 tackles for loss

Brandon Graham: Will Graham have O/U 50 tackles. O/U 9 sacks. O/U 15 tackles for loss. O/U4 forced fumbles.

Darius Slay: Will Darius have O/U 4 Interceptions. O/U 60 tackles. O/U 11 pass deflections.

I’m interested to see what your answers are because I know mine and lets just say I’m confident a lot of these will be overs. Let’s have a hell of a season and get our LOMBARDI back!!!!

Fly Eagles Fly.

Twitter: @ajtorres1230

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