Jimmy Garoppolo’s Latest Instagram Is Hotter Than Any Girl We’ve Ever Featured On This Site


We’ve featured a lot of questionably attractive women on this website. I don’t know if I’m legally allowed to say that because of their ages but I rarely see girls on here that I would give my bad bitch stamp of approval.

Maybe it is because I’m straight, but this sponsored GIF Jimmy Garoppolo posted on his page just put all of those girls in a bodybag.

If I was a guy, I’d click to buy right there. It has got to be so tough to be a man nowadays and try to constantly tote the line of wearing jeans that are entirely too small for your thighs and cuff at the ankle and not look like every fuckboy that’s been on The Bachelor. But it’s not really fair to sell those jeans to guys thinking like they can pull anything off like Jimmy G.

I don’t know when this ad was filmed but moving to San Francisco has been good to Jimmy G. Being able to get constant vitamin D and build a natural base tan should be illegal. I almost feel bad that we forced Jimmy G to play here for so many years and kept him occupied until early February in New England.


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