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Jon Jones isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but by his past actions we already knew that. I for one am a Jon Jones fan…No, I don’t approve of his out of the octagon actions but, the dude is a beast inside the octagon and is the greatest light heavyweight of all time. As the champion, Jones gets called out all the time, shocker I know.  Recently, Jones has caught the attention of heavyweight powerhouse Francis Ngannou and we could be on our way to an epic encounter.

For those that don’t know Ngannou, the man is an absolute monster. Standing at 6’4 250lbs he is easily one of the scariest UFC fighters out there. Don’t believe me? Check out this insane knockout of Alister Overeem…

Ngannou Knocks Out Overeem



The dude has insane knockout power and has proved it over and over again. After picking up a win back on May 9th, his record now stands at (15-3-0) and he is the 3rd ranked heavyweight in the division. As he waits for Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic to finish off their trilogy, he could easily take a fight against Jon Jones. That’s if Jon Jones is willing to move up to heavyweight.

Jones has literally no reason to not move up to heavyweight at this point. He has run through everyone in the light heavyweight division and is still champion. Honestly, unless a certain middleweight champion(I’m talking to you Israel Adesanya) decides to move up to light heavyweight, then there’s no fight I care to see with Jones in the light heavyweight division. According to the champion himself he isn’t scared of this fight either…


Image-Jon Jones Twitter

So, we know that Jones would take the fight or at least he says he would. Now what about Ngannou? Well, he took to twitter also to respond to the light heavyweight champion…


Image- Francis Ngannou Twitter

Don’t worry Jon Jones didn’t take long to respond as he came back with a tweet of his own…


Image- Jon Jones Twitter

Now like I said, I’m a fan of Jon Jones whether that sits right with people or not I don’t give a shit. That being said, Jones would be taking a huge risk by taking this fight as I don’t think he’s ever faced someone with the power of Ngannou.

As a UFC fan, I am ALL IN on this fight happening. Ngannou just fought a few weeks ago and I’m sure he’s ready to go already. In my opinion though let’s save this one for international fight week(July 7-12). They typically have a stacked card for that week and having this as one of the main events would be perfect. It would also be a great event to have my guy Conor McGregor on as well…Send the deal Dana.


Featured Image- mmajunkie.usatoday.com


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