Dak Prescott Is Delusional – Turns Down Highest Contract In NFL History


It is being reported that Dak Prescott turned down a 5 year $175 million contract & is looking for a contract “north of $45 million.” What a freaking mess.

I am not an inside source, nor do I have any real inside information, but it seems to me that Dak doesn’t want to play football in Dallas anymore. This is the only logical explanation behind all this. Cue Andy Dalton’s music:

There is no way he and his agents can actually feel this is his true value. Not to mention the fact that this is a terrible move for a team that is looking to build a long term contender. NFL teams do not win after paying an average QB big money – it just doesn’t happen.

For fun, here are the top 10 salaries for the 2019/2020 NFL, NBA, & MLB seasons. If Dak is paid ‘north of $45M’ – he would become THE HIGHEST PAID ATHLETE IN ALL OF SPORTS. Dak & his agent are delusional, that’s actually the only explanation for all this.

P.S. NFL Players are so underpaid – NFL Players Association needs to take some tips from MLB & NBA in a bad way.




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