Walsh’s Wing Review: Episode 1

Welcome to the very first edition of a brand new series…Walsh’s Wing Review! I love wings more than I love most things. So I decided it’s time to start reviewing them to find out who has the best wings around. Now, until this pandemic bullshit is over and I can start traveling around to more locations, I’m just going to be doing some of the local places around me.

Now, I’m going to keep it simple to start out as I’m just going to get an order of hot wings and rate them. Once we get this thing more popular and can start traveling I’ll start trying some wild flavors.

Today’s episode we are trying Steak and Hoagie Factory of Levittown(Formerly known as The Works). So lets not wait any longer…Check out the first edition of Walsh’s Wing Review….



So there you have it, the first ever Walsh’s Wing Review hope you all enjoyed and stay tuned for more…




Images in movie: Steak and Hoagie Factory Logo  Wings Drum/Flat



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