This is probably the reason there’s no Tony Hawk in the scooter world


I remember as a kid I would see all the cool kids riding around on their BMX bikes and skateboards landing cool tricks while I was riding around on my Razor scooter barely bunny hopping the sidewalk. When they landed their sick tricks the BMX kids would scream “I want to be like Matt Hoffman or Dave Mirra!” and the skaters kids would shout “I want to be just like Tony Hawk!” and then there’s me, riding along on my scooter feeling left out because there’s no famous scooter rider I could look up to. I always wondered why there wasn’t any world famous scooter riders and today while browsing Reddit I found out why.


Ouch. Yeah I can see why nobody wanted to be a professional scooterer, I mean did you hear the thud when this poor guy decided to tongue fuck the concrete? Woof!

Now I know major wipe outs happen across all the “X games” sports as I like to call them, but unlike BMX bikes and skateboards scooters aren’t built to be launched from the top of busses onto concrete. Okay maybe BMX bikes and skateboards aren’t built for nosediving straight into the ground, but they are more likely to keep you conscious when gravity kicks in than a scooter.

At the end of the day scooters just weren’t a great fit for the extreme sports genre. However I am glad the big scooter company (Razor) invested into electric scooter rental business and provide people with a use for a scooter that doesn’t involve launching them off of the roof of a bus. A textbook example of a pivot that paid off (take notes Deadspin)

Oh yeah and I hope the guy in this video is okay too….I guess.

Video courtesy of Reddit user “OceansOverSkies” (LINK)

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