Seahawks Offer Devonta Freeman, But Eagles Still Interested and In Play

The Devonta Freeman to Philly campaign rides again!!
“Mike Silver reports that the Seahawks are offering free agent RB, Devonta Freeman a one-year deal worth up to $4 million. According to Silver, Freeman is also drawing interest from the Jets and Eagles.” 
This would make a ton of sense for the Seahawks to pair Freeman with Chris Carson. Would be great backing up Le’Veon Bell too. At this point in his career, the former Falcon has been the perfect and prototypical RB2. So, let’s do the right thing, and pair him with young Miles Sanders.
Adam Caplan also reported that the Seahawks  offered Freeman. It would be a travesty to allow a talented back like this to help a contender in the Seahawks. From reading up on the rumors, the offer is for UP TO $4 million, not a base of $4 million. It’s a hefty investment for a back-up running back, but not in an offense like the Eagles where he would see more touches than your typical RB2. If a $3 million base plus performance incentives is enough to get it done, then get it done. There’s no reason outside of a medical red flag for this not to happen.
The Devonta Freeman move is going to happen. I can feel it in my bones and my blood and I’ve felt it all free agency. It just makes too much sense not to do. I know Miles Sanders recently had bold comments about having an MVP year (poor Miles, no one tell him it’s a quarterback award), but I’d say adding another back bolsters his campaign. It would be great to alleviate the pressure for a 2nd year back to have to garner almost every touch possible. You don’t want to run a young, multi-faceted back into the ground early in his career.
If Sanders has a burst of energy in the 4th quarter because Freeman helped out in the early stages, great. If Sanders is forced to miss a game or too (he did have a foot injury last year), would be fantastic to have Freeman to depend on. If the Eagles want to continue their trend of being a screen heavy offense, would be terrific to have a pass catching back like Freeman.
Okay, I’ve run out of adjectives. Just sign the guy!
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