Is Tony Hawk The Nicest Celebrity Ever? For Sure


This TikTok by some FedEx delivery driver in Georgia has over 1 million, why? Because Tony Hawk is the nicest human on the planet. We’ve know Tony for 63 years and he has never been in any drama, there aren’t any scandals hell I don’t even think the guy has even gotten a speeding ticket. He gave us one of the best skateboarding video games of all time and they are going to remaster it. Can’t wait to relive my child, thanks Tony YOURE LITERALLY THE BEST.

Tony saw the above TikTok and posted this.

It’s 1am as I’m writing this and this video is 4 hours old with about 500k views. So In the span of 5 hours Tony Hawk saw some random video from some random guy across the country. After seeing that video he DMd that random stranger his address to send this child a signed skateboard and Tonys personal skateboard.

Tony Hawk is the greatest human being on the planet.

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