Who’s The Ugliest Eagles Player?

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Alright listen, there is nothing going on this week outside of two chicks throwing away the deal of a lifetime with Barstool. So we’re scooping the bottom of the barrel here. You have to think outside the box and the first thing to pop into my head is “I wonder who the ugliest dude on the Eagles roster is?”

And let me get in front of all your negative comments. “You are checking these guys out?? GAAAAAAYYYY!!!” No it’s not gay to say someone of the same sex is good looking or not good looking. If you look at George Clooney and don’t say ‘that’s a good looking dude.’ You’re just lying to yourself and trying too hard to be a ‘tough guy.’ The same goes for the other end of the spectrum. Whether you’re straight or gay, you know an ug-o when you see one.

The way I did this was by using the Eagles roster photos. Most fair way. No special lighting and everyone is taken by the same photographer. Now there are a few players without pictures, so if they are god awful ugly they got lucky.

Let’s start with a few honorable mentions:

raequan-headshot Raequan Williams: Rookie from Michigan State. Listen if you’re better looking you go somewhere warm. Everyone knows that.




wentz_headshotCarson Wentz: Have to be honest. Carson is not the eaistest on the eyes. I think that’s fair right?




riley_headshot2Duke Riley: Not exactly ugly, just kind of goofy looking. He looks like what you get when you try and draw a person.




But overall the ugliest person on the Eagles roster is…………………………………..

johnston1_headshot That’s right, none other than PUNTER, Cameron Johnston. Who I will forever be referring to as The Red Nightmare. What is that face he’s making? You can’t be ugly and also creepy. Pick one Cam. And that’s another thing. Cameron Johnston is not a punter’s name. That is a name for like a wide receiver or a big tightend. Punters need to be like Jon Smith or Bill Baker or something like that.


Featured Image: Philadelphia Tribune

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