What are aliens doing robbing liquor stores!?


TikTok is 95% bad and 5% good. The 5% that isn’t cringe dance videos or “sick pranks” show that you don’t have to be an asshole to strangers to be funny (take notes croc guy you unfunny scab).

Someone should’ve passed this info along to TikTok user “TheLeake” before him and his buddy filmed this hilarious bit.


Now as far as this video goes it’s pretty harmless compared to others (again fuck croc kid and Walmart pranksters), it’s mildly funny at best. However the penalties these two are facing for this stunt are not mild. According to CNN they are facing criminal charges such as wearing a mask in public while committing larceny (a felony), underage possession of alcohol, and petit larceny of alcohol.

And how were police able to identify these two suspects? Well besides the fact they uploaded it to their personal TikTok (where they use their real names on videos) and oh yeah their getaway car was this stealth mobile.

Pictures courtesy of DailyMail.com

Now if the police had no idea how to use TikTok these two may have gotten away with the perfect crime, but having a lifted truck as your getaway vehicle will 1000% let the witnesses paint a vivid picture for cops of what to pull over. Not only does this big ass truck lead to you getting arrested, it leads everyone to think you’re hung like a TicTac (clever wordplay).

Anyways since everyone from the local news to CNN to Branded Sports is talking about this that means this video had to have gone viral right? That felony would be worth it if they cracked 1 million views and 500K likes! Well let’s check the numbers.

Only 671 views?

(Disclaimer) If you clicked on this blog because you thought aliens robbed a liquor store, my bad. Anyways I hope you enjoyed the blog!

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