Power Ranking The NFL Divisions By Quarterback Situations.

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Welcome back to day two of the Branded Sports NFL Division Power Rankings by position groups. Yesterday I ranked the divisions 8 through 1 by running back situations. Click here to see the rankings.

Today I am ranking all 8 NFL divisions by the overall quarterback situations in each division. Some teams I will only name one QB, if he is the no doubt starter. Other teams I will post 2-3, depending on if they drafted a big rookie, if there are starter injury questions or if the backup is a big name.

Let’s let the rankings begin. I will count the division rankings down from 8 to 1.


Colts: Philip Rivers, Jacoby Brissett

Jaguars: Gardner Minshew, Mike Glennon

Texans: Deshaun Watson

Titans: Ryan Tannehill

You may ask, how does a division with Watson rank last? Well, because he is the only true elite QB in the division. Could Rivers take the Colts to the Super Bowl? Absolutely, but how much does he have left? Can the Minshew Magic happen again? Is Ryan Tannehill going to turn back into… Ryan Tannehill? Way too my questions to put this division any higher than, last.


Broncos: Drew Lock

Chargers: Justin Herbert, Tyrod Taylor

Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes

Raiders: Derrick Carr, Marcus Mariota

Again, how does a division with a QB like Mahomes rank so low? Because look at the question marks around the rest of the division. I think Drew Lock has a chance to be a very good QB, esp with his new weapons. But, how will Carr handle Vegas? What should we expect from Herbert in LA, or should we expect Tyrod Taylor to start? A lot of questions beyond the #1 QB in the league in KC.


Bills: Josh Allen

Dolphins: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh Rosen, Tua Tagovalioa

Jets: Sam Darnold

Patriots: Jarrett Stidham, Brian Hoyer

Again, a ton of questions. Now, this division could end the season a lot higher if Tua hits and Stidham is a good as Bill thinks he is. Josh Allen is ready to take the next step and Sam Darnold has shown flashes of being great. 6 seems to be just about right for this division with 2 starters entrenched and 2 other question marks at the moment.


I wanted to put the East higher but again, I really can’t. Wentz has the chance to be a top 5 QB and there’s a chance Dak could be right behind him with all his shiny toys he has to play with. But, what about the Giants and Skins? What is Daniel Jones? One week he’s Danny Dimes the next week he’s Turnover Tommy. And the Skins? We haven’t seen enough of Haskins yet and will Alex Smith ever get to play again?


Bengals: Joe Burrow

Browns: Baker Mayfield

Ravens: Lamar Jackson, Robert Griffin III, Trace McSorley

Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger, Mason Rudolph, J.T. Barrett, Devlin Hodges, Paxton Lynch

The Steelers gave 27 QB’s on their roster, but I think Ben is ready for one last ride. Lamar Jackson has taken this league by storm and having a backup like RGIII adds great value. Then there are the two number one overall picks. I think Baker is ready to take the turn and I can’t wait to see Joe Burrow slinging the rock to a healthy AJ Green!


Bears: Mitch Trubisky, Nick Foles

Lions: Matthew Stafford

Packers: Aaron Rodgers

Vikings: Kirk Cousins

Rodgers is world class. Stafford is extremely underrated and with new weapons and healthy he can do damage. Cousins is always up and down but usually more bad than good, if it’s not in Prime Time. The biggest question is in Chicago. Obviously Trubisky wasn’t worth the #2 overall pick, but hey maybe Foles will come in on another magical ride.


49ers: Jimmy Garoppolo

Cardinals: Kyler Murray

Rams: Jared Goff

Seahawks: Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is an absolute monster and can will any of his team’s to the playoffs. I believe Kyler Murray is going to be a star and ready to take the next step. Crazy when the 2 “bottom tier” QB’s in the division have both played in the Super Bowl. Goff has the skill to be a star, but does he have the mentality? And, I will take Jimmy G over most any “lower tier” QB’s in the other divisions.


Buccaneers: Tom Brady

Falcons: Matt Ryan

Panthers: Teddy Bridgewater

Saints: Drew Brees, Jameis Winston

I mean you can’t make an argument for another division to be #1 right? The south just got Brady and already had Brees and Ryan oh and Teddy stayed in division and so did Winston. We saw what Teddy did when Brees was out, and a having Winston as a backup learning from Brees sounds perfect to me. Sure some of these dudes are old but they can still ball and are going to put on a show this season!

That is 8 through 1, ranking the divisions by overall QB situations.

Tomorrow we will rank the weapons that these guys are throwing to, Wide Receivers.


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