My Official Heartfelt Apology For The Branded Blog Off


Alright so here is a quick breakdown of what happened to catch everyone up to what lead to this moment.

  • Last week we did a blog off. Split the bloggers into two different, my team and Ali’s team. Ali’s first pick in the blogger draft was Aidan. Great pick, make sure to give me credit for saying that.
  • Fast forward to Thursday night. Team Ali was trailing my team and they answered the bell that night. Aidan wrote like 6 blogs that were ready for the next day to try and make the final push.
  • One of those blogs was this one (credit me again for hyperlinking another team’s blog.) It is from an interview with Adam Caplin and Aidan breaks down why a 1 year deal might get Clowney in Philadelphia.
  • 45 minutes prior to that blog coming out I dropped this blog  
  • My blog got a shit ton of clicks and his did not.

So yes I cucked Aidan. Cucked him pretty hard too. And for that I’m sorry buuuuuuuut let’s look at the facts 1 more time.

First, he wrote these blogs Thursday night and never scheduled them to be published, I had to do that myself. Had he published it that night or first thing in the morning I would have not the opportunity to sweep in.

Secondly, I linked back the actual interview that this information came from. Aidan did not.

Thirdly, the rules said very clearly, no one was to do a reblog. Aka the same story. In my defense, this was two totally different takes and stories. That’s just being fair to me if we’re being honest.

But all of that a side. The fact of the matter is I, CEO Joe. Leader of men and woman, big leagued my own blogger. That is the cold hard truth and there is no denying that. For that I am sorry. I’m sorry I saw an opportunity to win the competition and I took it. Mamba Mentality.

A part of me thinks this actually isn’t my fault at all and actually Aidan’s parents fault. They must be the nice and sweetest people in world that they raised someone that would be this honest in life.

But once again, this is my fault. So like a true leader here is one hour and 49 minutes of me being ripped apart but the other team. It takes a man’s man to admit when he’s wrong like I just did. Please make sure to credit me for doing so. Even if you think I was playing by the rules that were established and just saw the perfect opportunity and took it. Even if you think, ‘hey, win at all costs.’ Even if you’re like well Aidan should have just published earlier in the day.

Even if you think any of that, know that I was wrong. Once again, credit where credit is due. Me.


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