LeBron Started Training To Play Football During The Lockout And Actually Got A Contract From Guess Who


The age old question–could LeBron play tight end? Something no one was talking about because we were all busy talking about Michael Jordan. If I had to guess I’d say a certain LeBron James took note of this and decided to take back the narrative.

First off I think LeBron is a little confused at what “training to be a football player” means. If it’s just a good 40 time and more weight on the bench press, well, I guess he’s made Jerry Jones’s draft board. And it seems he really did because LeBron has a framed contract saved in his office. Once Dak finds out LeBron was getting paid before him it’s over.

I love LeBron just thinking he can walk on and make an NFL roster no biggie. People were saying he could be the best football player to ever play? Do they know you have to hit people? Imagine LeBron’s reaction to getting sacked? A receiving corps with OBJ and LeBron actively posting on Instagram?


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