Here’s The Big Ben Hype Video You Missed Because You Are Blocked By Big Ben


Nothing will get you more hype for the possible return of football than a Big Ben hype video. That is, if you are someone extremely boring enough to not be blocked by Ben. I didn’t even see this on my timeline because everyone I follow or that follows me is blocked.


We finally get an explanation for the facial hair. I can’t decide if it’s a good one or not but I guess Ben’s barbershop is open? I would have pegged him for a ‘let the wife give you a haircut’ during quarantine guy but I guess if you are around Antonio Brown long enough…

The music and editing could make a video of someone’s grandparent using a voice remote look cool but I’m not that impressed by the throws themselves. Look more like good catches to me, but it’s spliced up so you can’t actually even tell if it’s Ben throwing the ball.

How are Steelers fans reacting to the team just letting Big Ben rot out the end of his contract with no plans for the future beyond even this year? I mean really, what are they doing? I’d love to find out.

Lastly I really do not like the way this clip ends. It’s just JuJu Smith Schuster saying “he’s baaaaack” like some sort of threat. Big Ben being back isn’t really good for some of us.



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