Dak Prescott Turns Down Another Monster Deal. Is Dak The Most Selfish Player Ever?


Word on the street is that Mr. Rayne Dakota Prescott has turned down another deal offered to him by the Dallas Cowboys.

Ok, first… Suck it Dak.

One of the biggest holdups so far in negotiations has apparently been that the Cowboys want to complete a 5 year deal and Dak wants a 4 year deal.

I get it, wants to go through free agency again a year younger, make more money again. But, what if you stink the next 4 years? What if you get hurt? Take the security and the one extra year.

Secondly, the money the Cowboys have been offering him has been more than acceptable. To think that he deserves well more than what has been offered already is laughable.

Now, another 5 year offer worth 175 million, and he says no… Saying IF he takes a 5 year deal he wants north of FOURTY FIVE MILLION in the 5th year.


What have you won? Where have you shown up in huge spots that remotely says “I demand 45 million in the 5th year.”

Dak, you are the QB of the Dallas Cowboys, and that is the reason you are even talked about half as much as you would be. If you were “slinging the rock” in Jacksonville no one would even know who you were.

Dak will make so much damn money with endorsements being the Cowboys QB, that it would well make up for what ever money he thinks he’s getting snubbed. How about you do what Brady does.. Take less, your endorsement money can be his Giesel money… And ensure you have a good team around you. You win a ring in Dallas you will forever be a legend, and ain’t no way that’s happening if you take that much money away from the team.

You know what Jerry… Dont budge. I’m sick of this dude. Make him play on the tag and then tag his ass again next season.

If he doesn’t show up… Let Andy Dalton sling the rock to Cooper, Gallup and Lamb. And, oh yeah… Hand the ball off to one of the best RB’s in the game. I’m sure he can handle that, and it won’t cost 45 million a season.

Dak, go see the team doctor and get a cat scan. You need your head examined.


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